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Basement Waterproofing

The Basics: All About Wet Basements

Basements with consistent flooding is a very serious problem. This usually indicates that no waterproofing system is set-up or current ones are malfunctioning. Each situation is unique in that basement floods can be caused by any number of issues. More commonly, this is due to a broken sump pump, cracks in the wall, or improper yard grading/draining allowing rain water or thawed snow to pour through windows or over the top of the foundation.

Leaks can easily be identified anywhere within your basement. A ‘leak’ is a continuous average amount of water coming into your basement. Usually, this is from minor wall cracks (including one’s in-between mortar joints), floor cracks, pipe openings that have been left unsealed or surrounding concrete deterioration and cove joints, depending on the severity.

Seepage is a slow and steady leak inside the basement. At the beginning stage of water problems, seepage will alert the homeowner with visual water running down the walls, moisture spots visible, water found on the floor, dripping from support beams on the ceiling or similar situations. Sometimes you will even find seepage coming from the cove joint, where the wall meets the floor, in which case water is rising and slowly creeping into your basement.

Why is my basement wet?

Puddles may form during or very shortly after the heavy rain has started, or there may be a grading problem around your Basement Crack 2foundation. It could also be the result of hydrostatic pressure that finds weaknesses in your walls or floor, in the form of cracks.

Hydrostatic pressure is defined as the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases in proportion to the depth measured from the surface because of the increasing weight of fluid exerting downward force from above.

What is the best way to permanently fix a wet basement?

Installing a complete basement waterproofing system is hands-down the best method for long-term water management. Waterproofing includes drain tile (also called a French drain, weeping tile, rock drain, perimeter drain, sub-surface drain or agricultural drain) sump pumps and sometimes dehumidifiers. The methods we use at Lamunyon accommodate all aspects of water logging, cracks, puddles, and deterioration of concrete. Our mission is to provide one-time repairs that will be a permanent solution. Like any other symptom, common problems with basements are generally caused by water damage and improper drainage. Waterproofing your basement is the biggest investment a homeowner can make. With the necessary precautions set in place, you can protect against further damage, protect your belongings from water damage and even create a comfy livable space!

How does Lamunyon fix a wet basement?Basement Waterproofing

We use the following products to create an ideal basement environment:

Water Diversion: This is the most advanced system available today. The diversion material features a unique multi-flow drain tile system which can be installed along the perimeter of your basement. This type of drain is filled with aggregate (rock) that contains a perforated pipe that redirects water away from the wall. The perforated, hollow pipes allow water to quickly travel through and toward the sump pump. This special wall encapsulation system is considered semi-sealed, which helps to prevent soil gasses such as Radon and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from coming up and into your basement environment. If you are looking for a completely sealed system to mitigate Radon gasses and VOC’s, we can assist you with specific recommendations once your basement has been evaluated, as each space is unique.

Drain System: The drain material utilizes a lower profile and wider design to make it possible for a thick layer of concrete to be installed over it without compromising the effectiveness of the system. It will be installed along the wall in your basement with a special rubber seal on the back that presses into the wall to drain away water and prevent hydrostatic pressure.

Sump Pump with Battery Back-up: The sump pumps we use are specially designed to be energy efficient and to work together with all of our basement waterproofing products to create a permanent solution to your water woes. The pumps drain water away from basement walls, control erosion and improve indoor air quality in your home. The battery back-ups will kick on if your home should experience a power failure, ensuring that your space remains dry and ready for anything that comes along.

DehumiderDehumidifiers: we offer commercial grade dehumidifiers to work in conjunction with our whole home basement waterproofing to manage moisture in your home. Dehumidifiers work to take moisture from the surrounding environment. Our dehumidifiers are professional-grade, meaning they work more efficiently to extract moisture from the air, as well as conserving energy use. Using a MERV 11 filter, the unit also works to remove pollen, dust, mold and other particles from the air. Together, this creates a healthier environment for your family and affects the indoor air quality, especially if your furnace is located in the basement or crawl space.

What is that white powder on my basement wall?

Efflorescence is a common problem in concrete and masonry block foundations. The white fuzzy stuff you see is efflorescence. Efflorescence is simply salt and can be easily removed. However, if you see efflorescence it means you have a moisture problem and if gone untreated can cause deterioration to the basement walls. Our technicians have the equipment to find your moisture source and offer recommendations on treatment.

Is there a Warranty on Basement Waterproofing?

Yes! Lamunyon Restoration proudly offers a Lifetime Warranty on Drain Tile/Basement Waterproofing systems. The system installed by us will prevent groundwater from entering the basement of the premises for the lifetime of the existing structure. Our warranties are also transferable, so you have future piece of mind too. For full details, ask your specialist or call us today.

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