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HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality

For heating and air conditioning duct cleaning in Kansas, look no further than Lamunyon Restoration. We are the indoor air quality experts for the northern central Kansas area, as well as the rest of the state of Kansas. We perform residential as well as commercial air duct cleaning services. Our goal is to improve indoor air quality and help Kansans breathe better. Our thorough, professional air duct and HVAC cleaning system removes dust, indoor air pathogens, odors and mold.

Why call Lamunyon for your Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Services?


We specialize in indoor air quality for schools, medical care facilities and other commercial buildings. Put our experience to work for you. Let us assist you in clearing the air. Together, we can make your indoor environment a healthier, more productive place to be!

Our services include:

  • Negitive pressure cleaning
  • NFPA 90 Compliance
  • Robotic Inspections Before & After cleaning
  • Closed-system cleaning

Download our Commercial Air Duct Cleaning PDF to learn more.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

One of the best ways we can immediately improve the indoor air quality in our homes is with air duct cleaning and restoration. At Lamunyon Restoration, we use a professional negative air-pressure vacuum collection system that provides thousands of cubic feet per minute of suction! We will remove the debris and contaminants from your air ducts, and ensure that it leaves your home for good.

Download our Residential Air Duct Cleaning PDF to learn more.

Indoor Air Quality Services

As your HVAC system draws in more air, it also draws in contaminants. These contaminants tend to collect on smoke and fire dampers inside the ductwork. This can create a safety issue. As the debris worsens, the damper could stop operating. This would cause the ductwork to convey the smoke and/or fire to other occupied areas of the building. Therefore, it is imperative that the dampers be cleaned and serviced regularly with professional HVAC duct cleaning and HVAC vent cleaning.

Air duct systems could easily convey fire and/or smoke throughout your structure if the damper systems are not functioning properly. Due to budget crunches and other circumstances, it is not always possible for your maintenance staff to attend to the inspection and service of the damper systems.

That is why Lamunyon Restoration offers our trained and certified staff to inspect and service your damper systems in accordance with existing standards! We are happy to discuss our services with you and will gladly give you an estimate for fire/smoke damper inspection and service. With a copy of the mechanical blueprints of your facility, we can assess the time involved, as well as the expense for our service. We look forward to assisting you in remaining compliant with existing codes and standards, as well as revisions in the future!

NFPA Code 90A 3-4.7 clearly states:

“At least every 4 years, fusible links (where applicable) shall be removed; all dampers shall be operated to verify that they fully close; the latch, if provided, shall be checked; and moving parts shall be lubricated as needed.”

JCAHO Standard EC.2.12.1 also states:

“All fire and smoke dampers are operated (with fusible links removed where applicable) to verify they fully close at least every four years.”


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