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Hardwood Floor Drying

The Basics: Hardwood Floor DryingHardwood Floor Drying Step 3

When dealing with water damage, time is always critical. Particularly so, when it comes to real hardwood floor drying. Engineered hardwood or other flooring types do not call for such specific remediation needs. However, since hardwood is delicate and porous, if a leak, overflow or other water issue soaks into your wood floors, it becomes a race against time before permanent damage occurs.
You may not initially see any warping on a water-loss affected wood floor. In fact, hardwood flooring is so intricately cut and installed, there are several nooks where water can effectively ‘sit’ and cause movement from underneath. Eventually this movement will show on the surface as warping or cupping.


How Water Affects Hardwood Floors

Lamunyon Restoration’s Hardwood Floor Drying Process

Hardwood Floor Drying Step 4To combat the damaging effects of water on hardwood, we utilize a specialty professional drying system meant only for use on hardwood floors. How cool is that!

Our system pulls moisture through fluted panels on drying mats to pull the water out of the wet material by using negative air pressure. Then, corrective action is taken to gently and steadily lower the humidity of the wood back to normal levels. When done immediately after moisture exposure, this process leaves your floors looking like nothing ever happened. Best of all? The flooring remains in-place as we work to dry it out, allowing you to get back to life that much faster.

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