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Residential Water Losses

Steps to Prevent Water Damage

zknde6igLamunyon Restoration is without a doubt the most experienced water damage and repair specialist inĀ our area. Time is critical when responding to a water loss. Sink overflows, water-pipe breaks, floods, sewer back-ups and sprinkler system problems all require immediate response. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. There are some simple steps to take in every situation.

  • Find the source of the water and stop it.
  • Be aware of hazards such as electric shock, slipping and toxic odors from sewer back-ups.
  • Move valuables to high-ground.
  • Block furniture with wood blocks, tin foil or plastic wrap to stop further damage.
  • Begin removing water by any means you have.
  • Call a certified and qualified restoration contractor.
  • Call your insurance agent to see about coverage or for a contractor recommendation.
  • Be prepared to provide information about how the water loss happened and what you’ve done.

How do I select a contractor?

Select a contractor that is certified by Clean Trust (IICRC). IICRC, ASCR, WLI, or WLS certifications are good indicators of expertise. Years-in-business is a second criteria to consider, while personal recommendations from your insurance agent, friends or neighbors may be the most important criteria to you. Finally, determine if the contractor you are considering hiring follows IICRC S500 standards for professional water-damage restoration.

How do we clean up water damage?

Lamunyon Restoration strictly adheres to IICRC guidelines for water-damage restoration including loss assessment & evaluation, categorization of the water, drying, structural and contents considerations, monitoring and final inspection and completion.

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