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How to Deal with Spring Flooding

April showers bring May flowers, but that also may bring extra water that can find its way to your basement! Spring is prime time for Mother Nature to pour down, and with the melting snow and ice added to already wet conditions, flooding is common.

Here at Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair, we're ready to assist with any water damage emergencies that might strike, regardless of how prepared you are for melting snow. There are a few precautions to take in order to keep your basement from turning into a man-made pond this spring – read on for some ideas!

  1. Confirm that your sump pump is working! If you have a sump pump in your basement, make sure it is ready to go before the rain and melting starts! Check the pit for debris. Clean out anything that may cause a back up and not allow the pump to drain properly.
  2. Verify that your downspouts are pointing away from your home. If your downspouts are positioned towards your house, this can cause water to seep in through cracks in the foundation. Make sure all spouts are pointed away from your home and attach an extender if the standard spouts aren't long enough!
  3. Fix leaky pipes or spigots. Do a perimeter check to verify all spigots and outdoor pipes are sealed tightly and ready for use. Any pipes that have cracks should be patched or replaced immediately and spigots repaired quickly.
  4. Cover your basement windows. This is an easy fix that could help keep your basement dry – install covers over your basement window wells to keep water from pooling and eventually soaking into your basement. These are easily installed to still allow light to find the way into your basement but protect your home from water damage.
  5. Clean your gutters. Gutters that are filled with leaves, sticks, mud, dirt, and other debris will not do their job properly. Instead of allowing water to flow freely through and out the downspout, a clogged gutter can cause water to gather in one place. This can cause water leakage under your shingles and into your attic – a place where it may not be discovered until mold and mildew have had time to form!

These are the top five areas to help prevent your home from flooding during the spring months, but if disaster does strike, all isn't lost. While it may feel like the end of the world, water damage can be cleaned and your home can be restored.

At Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair, we will work quickly to identify the source of the water and fix the issue to ensure it doesn't continue in the same place. Our specialists will then begin the clean up process, removing the water and cleaning any damaged property. From here, we start the full restoration process, bringing your home back to normal.

With spring on the horizon, keep an eye out for extra water and take the necessary steps to keep your house dry! Call Lamunyon Dry Out & Foundation Repair if you experience any water damage – we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help.

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What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Dry Our & Foundation Repair is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 41 reviews
Water Damage in Wakefield, KA
All of your employees kept us informed all way though the process of drying out our basement, replacing our damaged drywall to repainting new mat for the carpeting. The people that you have at Lamunyon are great.
Fredrick Siebe - Wakefield, KA 67487
Attic Insulation in Salina, KS
Cody was excellent providing information and alternatives when writing the estimate. Every thing was straight forward and clearly explained. Job was quickly scheduled. David and John arrived on time, performed their work in a timely and professional manner. If you want a friendly, professional ...
Larry Adam - Salina, KS 67401
Water Damage Restoration in McPherson, KS
After an unexpected and untimely water leak in our basement and a quick call to my insurance company, Lamunyon was dispatched to deal with the mess. To my surprise, they arrived within a couple hours. After showing the team the damaged area and signing the required paperwork, they quickly went into ...
Scott C - McPherson, KS 67460

What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Dry Our & Foundation Repair is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 41 reviews
Waste Water Cleanup And Dry Out in McPherson , KS
A big thank you to Lance who responded to our late night call for help and to Jed and Gustav who arrived the next morning for the tear out and treatment process! These men did a fantastic job!
Rachel McCaulley - McPherson , KS 67460
Water Damage in Beloit, KS
The crew was very knowledgeable, and also answered all our questions. They did a great job drying out our basement rooms that were damaged from water. They returned for their equipment, everything was dry, even offered for us to use their moisture tester so we could also see it for ourselves. ...
Deborah Roberts - Beloit, KS 67420

What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Dry Our & Foundation Repair is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 41 reviews
Water Damage Restoration in Clay Center, KS
Very professional and hard working. The results were amazing. We had water damage in our bathroom and kitchen and you would never know. The bathroom looks better than before!
Jennifer M - Clay Center, KS 67432