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Basement Insulation

The basement is one place where you will notice a lot of energy loss due to a lack of insulation. When you have the proper type and amount of insulation, you will notice measurable changes in the level of comfort in your home as well as in your utility bills. This is especially true when dealing with basements.

Adding insulation into a basement will help keep temperatures more consistent in your home year around. We insist on using a rigid foam insulation in the basement because it does not absorb moisture, which will reduce the chances of mold growth and provides a high level of insulation for a smaller amount of material. If you combine the insulation with a basement waterproofing system, you can look into turning your basement into another living area instead of a musty storage location.

When you improve the insulation and reduce the humidity in your basement, it will also help the systems there work more efficiently which will also save you money.

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Do You Have the Wrong Insulation?

If you have an older style of insulation in your basement walls, they could be either fiberglass batts or cellulose insulation. These types of insulation do not work well in areas with higher levels of humidity. They will often absorb the moisture, compress, and no longer provide the required insulation.

Signs of Poor Basement Insulation

  • The floor above the basement is always cold
  • When it is cold out, the heater has to be running all the time to keep the space warm
  • You notice the insulation is on the floor of the basement as it has fallen out of place
  • The basement is damp regularly, or has a moldy smell

Rigid Foam Insulation Benefits:

  • Does not compress or lose it's R-value over time meaning it will continue to insulate for many years to come, even in harsh basement conditions.
  • Provides air sealing when installed properly which helps keep temperatures consistent.
  • Is moisture proof, no danger of absorbing water and losing effectiveness.
  • It is inorganic so mold will not grow on it, keeping you and your family safe.

If you notice any of these problems, it is important that you get in contact with our team to set up a consultation to replace your basement insulation. Our team can install basement insulation both quickly and correctly to help you start saving money today.

What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Restoration is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 30 reviews
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Deborah Roberts - Beloit, KS 67420
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Cody gave me great information on my present problems, is the first of four contacts that put a laser to the walls and did a terrific job of explaining to me what could be a woman alone, .cody did not talk down to me, and was very professional !
Lynn Schafer - Vermillion, ME 04576
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The Lamunyon crew did an excellent job: thorough, helpful, professional work and communication.
Kaleen K - Concordia, KS 66901

What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Restoration is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 30 reviews
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Very professional and hard working. The results were amazing. We had water damage in our bathroom and kitchen and you would never know. The bathroom looks better than before!
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What Our Customer Say

Average rating for Lamunyon Restoration is 4.96 stars of 5 stars - based on 30 reviews
Diagnoses Of Water Entering Basement Bedroom Around The Area Of The Main Water Line Hole. in Andover, KS
I met with Ed to diagnose the water issue in my basement. He spent roughly 2 hours diagnosing the issue and explaining solutions to permanently fix the issue. I appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to answer all of my questions.
Matt Smith - Andover, KS 67002